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Dank Spirits

     Dank Vodka was founded on originality, we at Dank Spirits believe when choosing a Vodka you should choose one with a unique profile, one so exceptional it can stand alone, above others. Dank is an exceptional Vodka, your true sipping Vodka, the Vodka that brings back the old stirred martini days, the days where we enjoyed the quality in our purchase.  


     Dank Vodka is The World's First Terpene Vodka created with love and care for those who truly appreciate quality in life and we Dank Responsibly. 

Dank is a corn based Vodka that we scientifically gas vapor clean then distill 6x. This ground breaking new technology is a unique process that pulls out toxins and impurities that cause grainy smells, taste and that very harsh burn your throat. Dank is truly the smoothest Vodka on The Planet. Terpenes are naturally sweet like Stevia, aromatic & zesty oils; therefore Dank Vodka has ZERO added sugars or byproducts. 


     The true definition of Vodka is odorless and flavorless, at Dank we are bringing the odorless grain vodka back with a modern flavor, of Terpenes.  

Dank Vodka is best sipped on the rocks, let our zesty Lemon Haze Terpenes be your natural flavor. But, if you prefer to mix Dank blends so exceptional you can replace Dank with any tequila, rum or gin cocktail, you can trust us we have done it and we have hundreds of bars and restaurants trying our recipes! 


For examples visit our Instagram @dankvodka 



Our Distillation Process


     Dank Vodka's new innovative process removes impurities from liquor through a vapor-liquid adsorption process. 


     Liquor is pumped from a storage tank into a vapor-liquid mixer, creating negative pressure. Harmful toxins and impurities are adsorbed and separated in a lower tank, while clean vapor circulates back into the liquor storage tank. This process effectively removes harmful ingredients, ensuring a pure and exceptional vodka experience. 


     Once we purify our spirit we distill it 6x then been our in Terpenes, we do this in small batches to ensure quality in every sip.  

Our Terpene is flavorful and naturally sweet so we have ZERO sugars, “natural flavors”, color dye’s  or citric acids. 


     We at Dank Vodka are wanting to bring you a true premium spirit because we believe big premium brands are just branding and we want a premium label with a premium spirit behind it. 

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