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What Is Lemon Haze

Terpenes are natural organic compounds found in citrus fruit Dank Vodka.jpg
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Lemon Haze essence is present in various citrus fruits. Found mainly in Lemons, Limes Grapefruits and Oranges, this essence is released from the oils in the zest and are part of a large and diverse group of organic compounds that are responsible for giving plants their distinct aromas and flavors. 
Like mentioned above Lemon Haze flavor comes from the oils that reside in the rinds. When you zest a
citrus fruit the oils that exert are what we are using to flavor our premium spirit.
Lemon Haze is full of flavor and naturally sweet!
These oils can be extracted from plants as well and used in various products, including essential oils, perfumes, and food additives. The diverse ranges of these oils contributes to the unique scents and tastes we associate with different plants and their products.

Enjoy the Higher Times in Life, Dank Responsibly.

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